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Easy to navigate website for bloggers, solopreneurs, and small business owners.


See Site Demo Here

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How to Install:


1. Create a Wix Account

Sign up for a Wix account here if you don't already have one. Make sure the email address associated with your purchase of this template is the same as the email address used to create your Wix account. This will ensure the proper transfer of the site under your Wix account.


2. Purchase Template & Follow Along

Once you've purchased this template, check your email as you'll receive an 'Accept Transfer' link from Wix within 24 hours of purchase. You must complete this step within 72 hours of receiving the transfer request email.


3. Watch Site Navigation Tutorial

Once the site is transferred, you'll receive an email from the address with a 'How To' video on how to navigate and customize the site including areas such as fonts, video and audio, SEO, and more!


4. Customize to Your Liking

After watching the 'How To' video, you can then start customizing the site to your liking and truly put your stamp on it. This gives you the freedom to change content and other areas such as fonts, video and audio, SEO, and more!


5. Launch Your Website!

Once you're done customizing your template, you'll need to publish your website which can be done by clicking the big blue 'Publish' button in the top right corner of your site. After it's published, you'll need to upgrade your account to a premium plan based on your needs and you'll be guided by Wix thereafter on how to purchase or link your domain as well as purchase a business email, if needed.


Your site is now live and you're ready to tell the world!



Purchase Includes:


1. Customized Template Site

This template has been built from scratch and is not included in Wix's template directory. You'll truly have a custom website tailored to your brand.


2. 'How To' Video

You'll receive an email from the address on how to navigate Wix's backend platform including features like menu bars, the app store, blog, SEO optimization, and specific details of your purchased template.


3. Website Template

You'll receive a custom Wix template unlike any other in Wix's directory designed with you in mind! All you'll need to do is customize the imagery, text and colors and you'll be all set to go live.




1. How soon will I have this template?

You'll receive an email from Wix with an 'Accept Transfer' link within 24 hours of purchase and will have 72 hours from receipt of the email to accept the transfer.


2. Are there any refunds?

A refund may be issued in the event that the transfer has not been accepted. If it is accepted, there will be no refund.


3. Is there any extra support?

Wix has plenty of support features such as its blog and help center. If you're in need of any extra support from DocDesigns, please email us at for consultation information and rates.

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